This author now enjoys her family and her pets.  She started writing her first book - Burning Sunshine - many years ago.  Life got in the way of finishing it until she retired from that day position.   She then found that she loved writing so much that she continued to write more novels.
Reviewers say the readers are the winners in these regards.

Personal words from the author: 
My Books are a true labor of love.  I write, I cry, I laugh at the happenings in these books the very same as my readers.  I worked many years in another field, but still I worked on my manuscript as far back as 1978.  When I retired, the avenue opened to publish books.  Watch in the future, I do hope to write many more.  I SO appreciate the comments I receive, and I am very happy to hear you are enjoying my books as much as I enjoy writing them.
Thank you for reading, Marilyn Pavlovsky

Although all of this author's books are fictional, the author got her inspiration for her first book, BURNING SUNSHINE, from her paternal grandmother who was born in 1883.  This grandmother raised nine children.  Each morning this charming lady would wake up her children (early) with the words, 'Get up, you are burning sunshine'!  
Were inspired by the next generations of the same family. 
All OTHER BOOKS are based only from ideas in the rooms of this author's mind.  Strictly fictional!  You'll find every book a most enjoyable read.  ENJOY!

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 Thank You,
Marilyn Pavlovsky
FYI:  'Burning Sunshine' has been re-published due to customer response.  First published 2008.  Price now reduced and discounted!  Also, 'The Reverend's Daughter' is not out of print as stated on can be purchased on this site.  Thank you.